Instead of large gas pumps with tanks installed underground, electric vehicles only need charging stations connected to the grid. A charging station offers an easy way to keep car batteries fully charged and gives drivers more miles without the need to go home and charge them up.

If you own a business in Texas, you should consider upgrading your parking lot with EV chargers. Many companies are taking advantage of the installation, as the chargers have many benefits that add up over time and will ultimately help your business. Continue reading to learn about these advantages and reasons to consider the installation of multiple EV chargers for your lot.

1. Employee Benefits

The installation of EV chargers will provide many direct benefits for your employees. Employees who drive electric vehicles to work can enjoy the convenience of having chargers right in their own parking lot. You even have the opportunity to install extra chargers and assign specific parking spots to employees who can drive in and charge their vehicles every day. This will prevent unnecessary competition to see who gets to park at a charging spot for the day.

You could make the use of an EV charger a part of an employee benefit package. For example, you could provide employees with electric cars with free charging options. Using a charging station typically costs money, but you could provide a company card that would allow them to charge for free. A simple gesture like this could build more employee satisfaction and incentivize employees to purchase electric vehicles.

Even if you don’t always provide free charging, you could offer it as a special bonus for awards like “Employee of the Month.” You could designate a special charging spot for this recognition or rotate employees who get to use a reserved spot on a regular basis.

2. Customer Benefits

Not only do your employees benefit from EV chargers, but so do any potential customers who visit your business. The availability of charging stations provides a lot of advantages for people looking to charge their vehicles. You can provide a designated area of exclusive parking for customers with electric vehicles, and they may spend more time at your business while they let their vehicle charge.

Not only will the charger itself entice customers, but any installation of a public EV charger will help get you listed on EV charger maps. Electric vehicles have maps that showcase the closest charging station. Not only will you give access to your charger, but the map placement can act as a free advertisement for your business. For example, if you run a restaurant, a customer may decide to park at an EV charger and come in for a bite to eat while it charges. Your business can grow naturally just from the presence of EV chargers. The more chargers you have, the more opportunities you have to gain new customers.

That same scenario applies to many other businesses, including retail stores and financial planners. Anything you can do to encourage visitors to stay longer is good for the bottom line.

3. Generate Extra Revenue

When you install an EV charge, you have the opportunity to generate extra revenue. When customers pay for EV charging, you will earn a percentage of the sales for hosting the charger. The actual amount varies by company, but you will eventually start profiting from your purchase.

When you use professional electrical contractor services for EV charger installations, you will ensure the chargers work correctly and run smoothly. The payoff period after the installation will begin as soon as customers start charging vehicles. After some time, all the money you paid for EV charger hardware and installation will get paid off. Once the payoff period ends, everything you make will be pure profit. You can invest that extra revenue directly into the business or into a fund for the parking lot. This includes saved money for lot repairs or future maintenance on EV chargers.

4. Promote Green Efforts

The installation of EV chargers will showcase a physical representation of your company’s effort to promote green initiatives. You can showcase that you are a company that cares about its environmental impact and wants to reduce its carbon footprint.

The installation of EV chargers can pair with other efforts your company makes. For example, you may have solar panel installations to generate power for the whole building. If the EV chargers connect to the same grid as the solar panels, then you will essentially use renewable energy to charge cars and have even less impact on the environment. Sharing this information with customers and employees will help promote your business and add appeal to potential customers.

The positive impact will reflect on other aspects of your business and could encourage employees to adopt other green initiatives like company recycling programs. If your business doesn’t have solar panels already, then you can look into pairing the service with the installation of EV chargers to complete installing everything at the same time.

5. Electric Vehicle Fleets

The conversion to all-electric vehicles is happening all around the globe. The EV charger installations can provide ideal solutions for any vehicle fleet you use at your business. You may decide to upgrade company vehicles to all-electric models.

The installation of EV chargers could make a major difference in the workflow of employees. For example, delivery trucks and company cars will no longer need to stop at gas stations to fill up tanks. Your whole fleet of electric vehicles can charge overnight and be ready for the next day of work. The process will help improve work efficiency and reduce any hassles with the vehicles.

The purchase and use of company electric cars provides another way to promote your business as well. You have the opportunity to showcase your commitment to helping the environment and making positive choices for your business. Customers who come to your site can see the parked cars and their chargers.

For EV charger installation, you want a company that has experience and knowledge in this relatively new field. At HR Phoenix, we install EV chargers at businesses. The charging stations can include easy-to-use pay terminals where customers pay right at the charging station, so you do not need to worry about repeatedly processing payments. Many of the commercial charging stations will include dual chargers, so you only need one station for every two parking spots. This installation process can help you maximize the space in your lot and provide plenty of charging options for electric cars.

Reach out to us at HR Phoenix to schedule a consultation for the installation of EV chargers. Along with EV charger installation, we provide a wide range of other electrical work, including electrical panel upgrades, electrical wiring repairs, and generator installations. We also provide 24/7 emergency help if any problems arise, and we are here to support your electrical needs each step of the way in Richland Hills and throughout the Dallas Fort Worth area.

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