Can A Settling Foundation Cause Electrical Problems in your DFW Home?

Troubleshooting electrical problems is never fun. Sometimes other issues around the home can have an impact on the function of your electrical system. If you’re noticing uneven floors, dips in the subfloor, cracks in walls, or other signs of a settling foundation – it could end up as the underlying cause for some electrical issues.

Why Does a Foundation Settle?

The foundation is single-handedly the most important part of your home, especially in Dallas, where the soil is mainly made up of clay. Clay soil shifts, and sometimes that can make the foundation of the home settle. The foundation of the home begins to sink further into the ground as the foundation settles and that can damage the integrity of the home.

A settling foundation is cause for concern, but not panic. Many homeowners are not too fond of noticing foundation problems, as they associate them with copious amounts of money. Foundation repairs in Dallas are usually fairly easy to diagnose and fix. As long as a homeowner knows the warning signs of damage, they can catch the problem before it seriously affects the rest of the home and their pocketbook. Here are some key indicators that your foundation could be damaged:

  • Doors or windows that stick
  • Any windows or doors that are hard to open, stick, or are noticeably tilted, could possibly be a sign that the foundation has been compromised.
    Doors or windows have gaps
  • Foundation problems can cause the walls to separate from windows or doorways.
    Burst water pipes
  • Foundations that are shifting or settling can cause the pipes within the house to shift or twist. If noticed, contact a foundation repair company immediately to avoid a burst pipe.
  • Slanted floors
  • Slanted floors are the cause of a foundation shifting and becoming uneven. Over time it slowly starts to slant more and more. Catching this right away is imperative to catching foundation damage in time.
  • Cracks in drywall, brick, or flooring
  • Seasonal moisture and shifted soil can cause pressure and stress in different areas of the foundation causing it to crack. This ultimately results in the drywall, brick, and flooring shifting due to pressure and results in cracks as well.

Now that you know the warning signs of a shifting foundation, you can see if those may be having an impact on your electrical systems.

Electrical Problems in Fort Worth

It gets hot in Dallas, therefore many homeowners worry that a settling foundation could cause electrical problems that may cause issues with electricity to their AC system – or their lighting may not be working correctly. A sinking pier could pinch a service cable causing intermittent power blips. While rare, foundation problems can cause underlying damage that can impact electrical service. Let us help you diagnose and make an electrical repair near you in Fort Worth and nearby.

If the home has a pier and beam foundation, then the electrical wires can go from outside into the crawlspace, basement, or overhead, and not under the home, which can make it rare for a settling foundation to cause electrical problems. Pier and beam foundations are fairly common around Dallas, but there are other types of foundations that could shift and cause issues that might indirectly impact your electrical systems.

Here are some more common reasons why a homeowner may be having electrical problems and the fixes:

  • Poor Drainage
  • If your home has damaged or insufficient gutters or drainage systems, then the cause of your electrical problems could be due to electrical wires getting wet or degrading due to a damp crawl space or shifting slab.
  • Poor drainage can also cause damage to your foundation. To ensure you protect your electrical wires and your foundation, it is necessary to properly maintain and install your gutters and other drainage systems around the home.
  • Electric Meter Movement
  • Over time, frequent movement in the home due to foundation shifts can cause electrical wires to degrade and separate over time. Diagnosing the issue with one of our experts can help you determine if this is a fix you should undertake, or if you should contact your power company for the repair.
  • Electric Lines Broken
  • Broken electric lines are the most common cause of electrical problems in the home. Wires can come loose or be pinched in the crawlspace, or another repair person may accidentally cut a line while digging or sawing through a wall.
  • It is not uncommon for someone to accidentally cut an electrical line if the foundation is currently being repaired. To avoid this, it is necessary to hire a reputable and knowledgeable company that will locate any deep line in the vicinity of the foundation repair and possibly consult with one DFW electricians to mark and tag areas they should avoid as they fix your foundation.

Why Choose HR Phoenix?

HR Phoenix and its team of experienced electricians are able to solve problems that other companies can’t or won’t. We serve the entire DFW Metroplex and all residential, commercial, and industrial properties within that area. If you think your foundation is causing problems with the electricity in your home, we are available to diagnose and treat the problem at the source in a timely and efficient manner. H.R. Phoenix Electrical Services strives to proved customer service that puts a smile on each of our client’s faces. Please contact us today at (817) 631-4117 or submit an online form, to have your electrical problems fixed sooner rather than later!

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